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Kuryakyn Adjustable Passenger Pegs - 4353

SKU: HRL2502

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Kuryakyn Adjustable Passenger Pegs - 4353
Kuryakyn Adjustable Passenger Pegs - 4353

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Przegląd produktówKuryakyn Adjustable Passenger Pegs - 4353
Who doesn't like options? With Kuryakyn Adjustable Passenger Pegs you give your passenger various foot placement options. These Adjustable pegs bolt onto the existing floorboard mounts, which utilize and allows all functionality of the stock boards.

• Bolt-action locking device on swingarms adds intermediate position to the rear and forward positions for total rider comfort

• Does not interfere with mounted floorboards

• Gives passengers additional riding options

• Chrome finish

• Easy installation, bolts onto existing rear floorboard mount

• Included are small ISO pegs that can be upgraded to any Kuryakyn peg utilizing tapered adapters thanks to the new peg mounting system

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