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Kuryakyn Chrome Premium Mini Floorboard - 4392

SKU: HRL2199

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Kuryakyn Chrome Premium Mini Floorboard - 4392
Kuryakyn Chrome Premium Mini Floorboard - 4392

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Przegląd produktówKuryakyn Chrome Premium Mini Floorboard - 4392
Want something other than your traditional pegs due to the lack of support? Looking for a compact floorboard without the bulkiness? Kuryakyn has the solution just for you. Kuryakyn Premium Mini Boards are not only convenient but they provide comfort. The boards are 5-1/2" long and 4" wide and come with their Trident lines so you can ride in style without thinking of sacrificing comfort. When utilizing Kuryakyn Splined adapters the boards can be position at almost any angle.

• Combines the size and convenience of footpegs with the comfort of a full-size footboard

• Floorboards can be used for the driver or they can also be an option for the passenger

• Fully adjustable using splined adapters for forward, center or back positions with multiple angle choices

• Fast and easy installation with adjustment for driver/passenger height and comfort

• 4" W x 5-1/2" L

• Perfect complement to Trident Pegs and Premium line of boards and board inserts

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